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Female Tonic # 1

Ingredients:Shu di huang, Bai shao, Dang gui, Chuan xiang, Ling zhi and cordycepts.

These herbs regulate estrogen, helping follicles develop and build the uterine lining.

This formula is taken cycle day (CD) 3 of your period through (CD) 14.

Take 3 scoops (with spoon provided) 3 times a day.

Female Tonic #2

Ingredients: Shu di huang, Shan zhu yu, Du zhong, Shan yao, Gou qi zi, Tu si qi, Rou gui, Fu zi, Dang gui, Lu jiao jiao, Ling zhi and cordycepts.

These ingredients increase progesterone levels to support the lining for implantation.

This formula is taken (CD) 15 until you start your period. Take 3 scoops 3 time a day.  When you do get a positive pregnancy test, continue this formula until you start the Healthy Pregnancy Tea.

Male Tonic

Ingredients: Shu di Huang, Shan zhu yu, Shan yao, Gou qi zi, Tu su zi, Du zhong, Fu zi, Dang gui, Lu jiao jiao, Ren shen and Cordycepts.These ingredients are used to improve sperm quantity and improve motility and morphology.

This formula is taken by men daily.  The therapeutic does is 4 scoops twice a day.

Healthy Pregnancy Tea

Ingredients:  Tu si zi, Sang ji sheng, Xu duan and E Jiao.

Pregnant women have been using this formula for thousands of year to maintain healthy pregnancies.  It is very often used with women that have had frequent miscarriages.

This formula is take from the time of a confirmed pregnancy until week 10 of the pregnancy, which is when the placenta is developed and produces the hormones needed to support the pregnancy on its own. Take 3 scoops twice a day.  If you are experiencing morning sickness and cannot take the large dose, you can take sips of the formula throughout the day.


*All doses should be mixed with warm water.  This will allow the granules to dissolve. 

Only a small amount of water is needed to mix with the dose, approximately 3-4 ounces.

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